PROVIDING CUTTING-EDGESolutions for Your Industry

We Make Physical Things Digital.

Smart Cosmos does this by marking our customers’ products with battery-less, electronic and Traceless™ chemical IoT markers and creating cloud identities in software and solutions to track, sense, and engage customers and consumers with the products. We serve customers in many industries.

Retail Solutions Smart Cosmos
For Retail

Today’s retailers manage a complex ecosystem of suppliers and sales channels—while facing increased demands from consumers, influencers, and customers who make in-the-moment purchasing decisions. Smart Cosmos empowers retailers to transform their consumer experience by engaging with consumers, protecting their brands, and enabling accurate fulfillment with products in the right place at the right time.

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Brand Protection Solutions Smart Cosmos
Brand Protection

Manufacturers, food service organizations, healthcare companies, and retailers alike are all facing challenges with counterfeiting and gray market diversion that cause a real, significant impact on revenues and brand image. Through its Brand Protection solutions, Smart Cosmos empowers organizations to protect brands from counterfeiting, mitigate gray market risks, and enable consumer assurance through product authentication.

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